Travelling has often been linked to adventure and pleasure. With lifestyles changing and more and more of us getting stuck in the rat race of money-making and living the sophisticated life, travelling has become one of the main ways to obtain sanity. But increasingly, travel is being linked to leisure and luxury, with itinerary being planned down to the minutes details. so while we have started going out a lot, we often forget that it is the journey itself which makes the destination worth the effort.

Almost all of us who travel in the true sense of the meaning, experience an emotion akin to awe for the encounters we have on the journey. We transcend to a higher plane than our normal lives. While there are innumerable service organizations to cater to tourism, we are interested in the stories of our travellers. What makes them to seek the remote lands, to move away from mundane routines, to pick up the bag and what changes occur in their inner selves (and outer as well).

Travel Chronicles is just what the name says – a collection of stories from travellers who are willing to share their travel stories.




Soheb is a hobby photographer and an avid traveler. His passion for travelling helps him in exploring different places and cultures, and capturing the memories through his lens. His appreciation for nature and people, gives him a natural advantage in the way he perceives beauty.

‘I see beauty where others see ugliness, that either makes me an artist, or a person of very poor taste’ – a quote which sums it all for him.

He started an initiative – Afghens’ Photography along with his brothers a couple of years back. He hopes to continue learning, exploring new horizons and one day take his passion to the next level.


Jacomijn Heupink

My name is Jacomijn Heupink, I live in the Netherlands. I’m a 39 years old single girl.

Since a couple of years I try to travel as much as I can. To do that you need to earn money so I work in Holland. I am a police officer in The Netherlands. Besides work and travel I like to sport, mountaibiking, running, skaten and some fitness.I am planning my next trip for January till April next year. Planning to go to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia and Brunei. Looking forward to it a lot!!!!

I blog at


Claudia Arends, DesignClaud

Claudia and her boyfriend Bas decided to leave their busy, cought in a trap, rat-race lives and go and see the world. Claudia quit her job and Bas took his company to a next level so they could both travel and work from where ever they wanted. After almost a year of travelling (august 2012) together, they want to see more and more. The world is such a beautiful place, why ignore this and sit at home with a busy life?


Nat and Stu

Nat and Stu are a British couple who are striving to find the balance of a busy work life and a serious lust for travel. They use all of their leave to go on as many adventures as possible and have covered many corners of the world with many more trips lined up.